Infrared scanning could improve rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis

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rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, infra-red diagnosis, infra-red lightA new way of detecting rheumatoid arthritis using infrared light could offer a better way of diagnosing the disease and monitoring how well treatment is working, a University of Birmingham study shows. Continue reading

Low serotonin levels = worse fibromyalgia symptoms

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serotonin, fibromyalgia, vitamin D, fibromyalgia support, fibromyalgia information Health of people with fibromyalgia is more likely to improve when serotonin levels are normal, says a study in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. Continue reading

The first drug to enhance bone formation and lower breakdown: romosozumab

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romosozumab, osteoporosis drug, medication, bone drug, osteoporosis supportOsteoporosis drug romosozumab has a dual effect on bone tissue reveals new research in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. Newly available in the US, romosozumab was found to increase markers of bone formation and decreases those of bone breakdown in a study of 107 people with osteoporosis. This is associated with an increased bone mineral density and a reduced risk of fracture. Continue reading

Exergaming improves quality of life and decreases pain in fibromyalgia researchers report

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exergaming, exergame, fibromyalgia treatment, fibromyalgia support Exergaming – using video games that are also a form of exercise – could play an important part in managing symptoms for fibromyalgia, researchers report in the Games For Health Journal. Continue reading

Common antidepressants prevent painkiller tramadol from working

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tramadol, anti-depressant, painkiller, pain relief, opioid, arthritis painCommon antidepressants appear to interact with opioid pain medication tramadol making it less effective for pain relief, experts report in Pharmacotherapy. Continue reading

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