Some non-invasive brain stimulation techniques may reduce chronic pain in the short term

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brain stimulation, chronic pain, fibromyalgia treatment, fibromyalgia informationThere is positive evidence that some non-invasive brain stimulation techniques help lower chronic pain, but more high quality studies are needed, says an updated Cochrane Review. Continue reading

Treatments for knee osteoarthritis are ranked for impact on pain and function

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naproxen, knee pain, knee arthritis, arthritis treatment, arthritis drug, arthritis digest magazineThe effectiveness of non-surgical treatments for knee osteoarthritis have been ranked in the US and naproxen comes out top. Continue reading

Tai chi as good as or better than aerobic exercise for managing chronic pain conditions

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tai chi, fibromyalgia, exercise, fibromyalgia advice, arthritis informationIt may be time to rethink what type of exercise is most effective for people with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia following the publication of new research in the British Medical Journal. Continue reading

Prolonged hip and knee arthritis may be associated with higher cardiovascular (but lower cancer) mortality

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cardiovascular health arthritis, heart arthritis, cancer arthritis, arthritis digest magazine, arthritis informationHaving hip or knee osteoarthritis for a longer period of time may increase cardiovascular mortality, a Swedish research group explained at an international conference. But duration of hand osteoarthritis does not have the same impact. Continue reading

Which diets influence rheumatoid arthritis disease activity? New review of the evidence…

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rheumatoid arthritis diet, arthritis gluten, arthritis Mediterranean diet, inflammation diet, arthritis foodPeople with rheumatoid arthritis often ask their doctors about which diets to follow and even in the absence of advice will try different diets in a bid to reduce symptoms. Research is somewhat lacking but a review of the available evidence suggests that: Continue reading

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