Hip fracture surgery – most people recover independence

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hip fracture surgery, surgery success, surgery revision, surgery failureThe majority of middle-aged and older adults recover their ability to live independently within a year of hip fracture surgery, says a study in the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma that highlights who will need most long-term help. Continue reading

Osteoporosis drug strontium ranelate returns to the UK

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strontium ranelate,  Protelos, osteoporosis drug, osteoporosis treatment, arthritis digest The osteoporosis medication strontium ranelate, is once again available again for people with osteoporosis in the UK, the National Osteoporosis Society reports. Continue reading

Short exercise programme improves knee replacement success in obese people

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knee operation obesity, knee surgery success, exercise programmeAn exercise programme of just 16 weeks can make a big difference to the success of knee replacement surgery in obese people, says new research from the Orthopedic Clinics of North America. Continue reading

Ankle replacement surgery… new review reveals interesting statistics

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arthritis ankle replacement, arthritis ankle surgery, arthritis digest Ankle replacement surgery is still relatively new in the UK and abroad, but is increasing in popularity and numbers of operations will continue to rise as our population ages. Continue reading

Organic compounds from plants – terpenes – may impact on arthritis symptoms

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terpene, new arthritis therapy, terpene pain, terpene arthritis, arthritis digest, terpenesTerpenes, which are organic compounds that have a strong smell and are produced by some plants and insects, may reduce the destructive tissue events that underlie arthritis. Continue reading

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