Air pollution is bad for bone health according to new research

air pollution, bone health, pollution osteoporosis, bone loss pollutionExposure to air pollution has a negative impact on bone health, says a study published in JAMA Network Open.

While the effects of air pollution on respiratory disease and lung cancer have been well documented, there have been only a few studies when it comes to bone health… until now.

Experts recently analysed the association between air pollution and bone health in over 3,700 people from 28 villages outside the city of Hyberabad, in southern India.

The team estimated outdoor exposure to air pollution next to where people lived. Participants filled in a questionnaire on the type of fuel used for cooking. The authors linked this information with bone health assessed using a radiography that measures bone density and measured bone mass at the spine and left hip.

Exposure to air pollution was associated with lower levels of bone mass. No correlation was found with use of biomass fuel for cooking. The study coordinator, Cathryn Tonne, comments:

“Our findings add to a growing body of evidence that indicates that particulate air pollution is relevant for bone health across a wide range of air pollution levels, including levels found in high income and low-and medium income countries.”

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