Arthritis Digest’s selection of sitting room items to help living with arthritis

plugull, arthr, arthritis products, arthritis digestTug that plug

Plugull is a product for anyone who struggles to pull out stiff and fiddly plugs from sockets, with special consideration for people with hand arthritis. Made from a stiff but easy-to-grip recyclable plastic, Plugull is thin enough to sit between the plug and the socket without interfering with the electrical connection.

£9.95 (ex p+p) for a pack of three, visit or tel 0808 196 7834

Flask food fast

food container, food flask, arthritis products, arthritis digestHunker down for the evening with a food container. Designed to keep food hot or cold for hours, from soups, pasta and rice to salad and ice-cream, a food container means you can avoid multiple trips to the kitchen. Stainless steel spork is included.

£26.99 (530ml) or £31.99 (800ml), visit



Heat treats

heat treats, neck pain, wheat bags, arthritis neck, arthritis digestWheatbags have been used as a versatile alternative holistic thermotherapy remedy for many years and aid relaxation along with a variety of aches, pains and strains. Simply pop them in the microwave for around 90 seconds and enjoy their warm glow for up to one hour. We’re especially fond of the Lavender Blue Bees 100% Natural Cotton Wheat Bag.

£15.50 inc P&P, visit or tel 0871 221 1340. Exclusive offer for Arthritis Digest readers: save 15% quoting code AD15 when you order.

Top tops to simplify daily activities

  1. Double up on household items. Keep a set of cleaning products in each room.
  2. Store frequently-used items within easy reach.
  3. Take advantage of tech. Robotic vacuums can cut time spent on chores. Spend that time doing something more rewarding.
  4. Buy clothing that doesn’t need ironing. Or just don’t iron. Be creased! There are worse things in life.
  5. Enlist support for specific tasks. People love to help.

live with arthritis, arthritis living aids, arthritis solutions, arthritis digest Are you a musician with arthritis? Check our our useful products that will help you get back to what you love