Aswagandha (plant root) shows promise as rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Withania somnifera, Aswagandha, Indian Ginseng, Poison Gooseberry, rheumatoid arthritis herb, arthritis digestA plant root used in traditional medicine in India should be properly trialled for use in rheumatoid arthritis and a range of other conditions after an evidence review suggests that it could have positive benefits.

The plant comes by a few names – Withania somnifera, Aswagandha, Indian Ginseng or Poison Gooseberry – and its popularity is on the increase. So a team decided to scientifically evaluate whether it is safe and if it actually works.

A total of 69 studies into Aswagandha were found and they cover a range of issues from insomnia and anxiety to type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Although the researchers conclude that the “root of the Ayurvedic drug Withania somnifera, (Aswagandha) appears a promising safe and effective traditional medicine” some mild side effects were recorded such as drowsiness and loose stools so we advise readers to be wary and wait until more research has been done.

The research team agrees that: “properly designed, randomized-controlled, large-size, prospective trials with standardized preparations are needed to ascertain efficacy of Aswagandha root in previously studied and other new indications.”

Click here to read the original research. 

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