Cataracts linked to higher risks of osteoporosis and fracture

cataracts, osteoporosis, fracture, arthritis magazinePeople with osteoporosis or fracture should have their vision tested in the light of a new study that evaluated the impact of cataracts and cataract surgery on the risks of osteoporosis and bone fractures.

A research group looked at 57,972 people with cataracts who were matched to 57,972 people without cataracts and tracked them for over six years. Within that timeframe, 17,450 people developed osteoporosis or fractures in the cataract group, and 12,627 did so in the non-cataract group. The diagnosis of cataracts was associated with:

  • 29% increased risk of developing osteoporosis or fracture;
  • 43% increased risk of osteoporosis;
  • 16% increased risk of hip fracture;
  • 25% increased risk of vertebral fracture;
  • 24% increased risk of other fractures.

Those who had cataract surgery had a 42% lower risk of developing osteoporosis or fracture.

“Appropriate management of cataracts may decrease osteoporosis and fracture risks,” the authors say. “I strongly recommend all elders with osteoporosis or fractures to check their vision.”

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