Sjogren’s syndrome

Longer-lasting pain relief thanks to compound – new developments

ibuprofen, new pain killer, pain drug, pain relief, arthritis digest, arthritis magazineExperts are developing compounds that could allow the pain-relieving effects of ibuprofen to last longer, they report in Molecular Pharmaceutics. And the approach could also be used to deliver other drugs orally that currently can only be taken intravenously.

Metal-organic frameworks are compounds made of metal ions linked to organic ligands, for drug delivery. Active ingredients can be packed inside the metal organic frameworks. They are porous, and some dissolve in water so are good candidates for drug couriers.

The researchers loaded ibuprofen into metal organic frameworks. The compounds were found to reach the bloodstream (of mice) quickly and lasted for twice as long as ibuprofen salts, which are the active ingredient in liquid gel formulations.

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