Cheek swab could predict rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility

arthritis test, arthritis swab, inflammation test. arthritis diagnosis, arthritis digest New biomarkers for rheumatoid arthritis found in a cheek swab could pave the way to diagnose and begin treatment before the inflammatory disease develops, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. Scientists identified a set of epimutations in cells from women who had rheumatoid arthritis that were distinct from those without the joint-damaging autoimmune disease. Epimutations are tiny changes in the chemical structure of DNA that do not change the DNA coding sequence. “If we can identify these patients ten years earlier before the disease develops, it opens up a whole arena of preventative medicine that we did not have access to before,” explains Prof Michael Skinner, one of the scientists involved in the work. We know that early treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is key for the remission of symptoms. It is hoped that this new discovery could allow treatment to begin before the first signs of rheumatoid arthritis start. For more in-depth features, interviews and information, subscribe to Arthritis Digest magazine, a popular title that’s published six times a year. Click here for the digital version or tel 01892 354087 to order your hard copy. You’ll know what your doctor is talking about, what new drugs are in the pipeline and be up to date on helpful products.