Common musculoskeletal diseases associated with mental health

musculoskeletal disease, mental health, pain, depression, anxiety, arthritis moodMusculoskeletal diseases are associated with mental disorders and subjective mental health in older adults, reveals research in a leading academic journal.

We know that musculoskeletal diseases and mental disorders are the leading causes of disability around the world, but their mutual relationships have been little studied. So a team looked at the evidence about the relationships between depressive and anxiety disorders, subjective mental health and common musculoskeletal diseases in adults aged 45 years and over and found that:

  • Major depressive disorder is associated with chronic back pain
  • Anxiety disorders are associated with cervical or lumbar disc herniation
  • Mood and anxiety disorders are associated with lower bone mineral density in men
  • Life satisfaction and its improvement prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women
  • Quality of life reduces progressively as the number of osteoporotic fractures increases

“Common musculoskeletal diseases are associated with mental disorders and subjective mental health in adults aged 45 years or more, but longitudinal research is needed,” the authors conclude.

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