Golimumab well tolerated in rheumatoid arthritis says data review

golimumab, rheumatoid arthritis drug, biologic drug, side effectsGolimumab, a biologic drug for people with rheumatoid arthritis, appears to be effective and well tolerated, according to a review of the evidence in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Golimumab is usually used alongside methotrexate and is given once a month by injection under the skin, usually into the thigh, tummy or upper arm (ie a subcutaneous injection). It comes as an injector pen or a syringe, to use at home

As well as phase 3 trials, real-world data is now being gathered about golimumab in action.

“It seems that golimumab in the subcutaneous form is an efficacious molecule with a good safety profile at the standard dosage scheme, but a 100mg subcutaneous dose is associated with a higher risk of opportunistic infections, lymphoma and demyelination,” the researchers say. “Furthermore, when compared to other tumor necrosis factor-α molecules, it is non-inferior, and, at some points, such as when it comes to immunogenicity and persistence of the drug, it has a better profile.

“In summary, golimumab is an effective, well-tolerated option for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, for both the clinician and patients who are seeking a convenient dosage scheme.”

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