High humidity may aggravate rheumatoid arthritis – new research

arthritis weather, pain humid, arthritis humid, weather research pain, weather pain, arthritis research, arthritis digest Humid weather conditions could make arthritis symptoms worse, experts reveal in a study that deepens the understanding of the relationship between the weather and arthritis symptoms. People with arthritis often relay that the weather impacts on their levels of pain and stiffness, but it is difficult to actually prove in a scientific context. So a team of scientists has looked at joint swelling and levels of inflammation markers in the blood of mice in experimental humid conditions. The scientists found that “high humidity could aggravate arthritis variables including increasing arthritis score and swelling, serum autoantibodies and proinflammatory cytokines”. “This study is the first to prove that a high humidity could significantly aggravate arthritis,” the scientists explain, reiterating that the work has been done in mice, not humans, so further trials are needed. However, it’s interesting food for thought for people with inflammatory forms of arthritis who may live in, or visit, humid areas. Click here to read the original research.  For more in-depth features, interviews and information, subscribe to Arthritis Digest magazine, a popular title that’s published six times a year. Click here for the digital version or tel 01892 354087 to order your hard copy. You’ll know what your doctor is talking about, what new drugs are in the pipeline and be up to date on helpful products.