Magnesium levels may be important for joint health and osteoarthritis

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Keeping an eye on our magnesium levels along with gut health may become part of how we take on osteoarthritis, a team highlights in Nutrition Research.

Osteoarthritis is hallmarked by degradation of cartilage that cushions the joints during movement. There are no quick fixes to dealing with it, and diet is one area that research groups focus on.

Magnesium is a mineral largely obtained from the diet. It is vital to many reactions that take place in our body such as production of energy from food and blood pressure regulation.

Deficiency is not uncommon, however, and our magnesium levels tend to deteriorate with age. Men need around 300mg magnesium a day and women need about 270mg magnesium a day, according to NHS Choices.

A growing body of work suggests that magnesium may impact on osteoarthritis, but the verdict remains out.

So a team has decided to review all of the evidence. They are also going to look at the interplay between magnesium and gut health as they think the relationship may be important in the inflammation status of osteoarthritis.

If their review shows this is the case, “the synergistic effect of magnesium and probiotics may open a new avenue for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis”. It’s certainly an exciting area to keep an eye on.

Natural sources of magnesium

Magnesium is found in a wide variety of foods, especially:

  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Wholemeal bread

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