Nutritional factors do interact with chronic musculoskeletal pain – latest research

diet pain, diet arthritis, diet inflammation, arthritis food, sugar arthritis, protein pain, arthritis digest magazineWhile research shows, without doubt, that a healthy diet can reduce some arthritis symptoms, the evidence about specific dietary components and chronic musculoskeletal pain is a little sketchy. So experts teamed up to review the studies that have been done in the area to see if specific patterns are emerging, and report their findings in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.An extensive search found 12 eligible articles of a good enough quality and relevance (nine experimental and three observational studies).

The studies showed that making changes to diet can reduce pain. Protein, fat, and sugar intake were associated with pain intensity and pain threshold.

“There is some evidence that plant-based dietary patterns such as vegetarian and vegan diets might have pain-relieving effects on chronic musculoskeletal pain,” the experts say. “This effect might arise from the anti-inflammatory characteristics of the plant-based dietary patterns, but studies exploring the mechanisms behind the pain-relieving effects of dietary interventions for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain are needed.

“Pain severity is positively associated with fat and sugar intake in chronic osteoarthritis pain, and pain threshold is positively associated with protein intake.”

If you are concerned that your diet may be making your arthritis symptoms more severe, speak to a GP or dietitian who will be able to help.

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