Plant chemical – quercetin – could stop osteoporosis bone loss

Quercetin is a plant flavonol that has been linked to reduced inflammation, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and improved exercise performance. And now it seems quercetin may play a vital role in keeping our bones healthy too.

Experts looking at the most recent data found that while quercetin does not appear to impact on survival rate, liver and kidney function, it can partially reverse osteopenia. It improves bone pathology and bone maximum load. Plus it seems to increase positive markers of bone health and reduce some other markers that indicate osteoporosis.

“The findings reveal the possibility of developing quercetin or its derivatives as a drug or an ingredient in diet for clinical treatment of osteoporosis,” the experts highlight.

It should be easy to obtain enough quercin via diet as it is found in many common fruits and vegetables including onions, grapes, berries, apples, citrus fruits, buckwheat, spinach and broccoli.

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