Cucumber extract reduces knee arthritis pain – new research findings

arthritis cucumber extract, arthritis food, arthritis diet, arthritis supplementAn extract of cucumber may be helpful for managing the pain and stiffness of knee arthritis after a study in Clinical Interventions in Aging found it performed well compared to glucosamine-chondroitin.

Osteoarthritis is caused by the wear and tear of the joints. There is no cure so its management involves the use of high doses of painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents. People also use supplements such as glucosamine-chondroitin.

A team set out to evaluate the efficacy of a cucumber extract compared to glucosamine-chondroitin in the management of 122 people with moderate knee osteoarthritis.

Over 180 days, 61 people took 1350mg glucosamine-chondroitin twice a day and 61 people took 10mg cucumber extract twice a day. Standard measures of pain, stiffness and function were carried out at the start of the study and at regular intervals.

Both groups had decreases in pain, but these were higher in people who took the cucumber extract. No adverse effects were reported during the trial period. The team concludes:

“The use of 10mg Cucumis sativus [cucumber extract], twice daily, was effective in reducing pain related to moderate knee osteoarthritis and can be potentially used in the management of knee pain, stiffness, and physical functions related to osteoarthritis.

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