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Nutritional factors do interact with chronic musculoskeletal pain – latest research

diet pain, diet arthritis, diet inflammation, arthritis food, sugar arthritis, protein pain, arthritis digest magazineWhile research shows, without doubt, that a healthy diet can reduce some arthritis symptoms, the evidence about specific dietary components and chronic musculoskeletal pain is a little sketchy. So experts teamed up to review the studies that have been done in the area to see if specific patterns are emerging, and report their findings in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Continue reading

Soy protein may improve bone health says new study

soy, bone health, soy osteoporosis, soy oestrogen, bone health dietSoy protein seems to have positive effects on bone metabolism and body composition, experts highlight in Food & Function.

We know that high cholesterol is associated with heart health and bone loss. And osteoporosis contributes to increased morbidity and mortality and is influenced by diet. Continue reading