Dance like nobody’s watching – it could even relieve some fibromyalgia symptoms…

fibromyalgia, exercise, dance therapy, dance like nobody's watching, arthritis digestDancing helps people with fibromyalgia, especially if it’s creative, says a review of the evidence in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. Exercise has been shown to be an effective way of reducing fibromyalgia symptoms. Some work also reports benefits of dance-based interventions. So a team set out to see if creative dance and repetitive dance have similar levels of success.

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Magnesium may reduce some fibromyalgia symptoms

magnesium, fibromyalgia, minerals, chronic pain, fibromyalgia diet, arthritis digest
Magnesium supplements are often used by people with fibromyalgia in an attempt to control their symptoms. But do they actually work? A research team recently looked at if the scientific literature supports the use of magnesium in fibromyalgia. They found that “some intervention studies in the literature suggest a benefit from magnesium use in fibromyalgia”. Continue reading