Handy items for people with stiff and painful joints – better designs than ever

posturite, back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain, arthritis products, arthritis digestBack pain relief

Relieve back and neck pain and tension with a Posture Key Two Piece Massage Device. One section is for the lower back and the other for behind your neck, allowing the silicone spheres to gently massage these key areas. The spheres vary in height to allow your body to adjust naturally in the areas it needs it most, stimulating, stretching and decompressing tissue.

Visit or tel 0345 345 0010

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A selection of quirky gifts to give people with arthritis

droyt, arthritis soap, arthritis gift, arthritis digest, arthritis productCleaning up

Here at Arthritis Digest we love Droyt, a Lancashire company that has been making soaps in England for almost 100 years. The master soap makers use only the best quality vegetable or mineral ingredients to make soaps that look gorgeous and feel sensational. The Introductory Soap & Liquid Box (pictured) contains the company’s best sellers and is £15 (ex p+p).

Visit or tel 01257 417251

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Arthritis Digest’s selection of sitting room items to help living with arthritis

plugull, arthr, arthritis products, arthritis digestTug that plug

Plugull is a product for anyone who struggles to pull out stiff and fiddly plugs from sockets, with special consideration for people with hand arthritis. Made from a stiff but easy-to-grip recyclable plastic, Plugull is thin enough to sit between the plug and the socket without interfering with the electrical connection.

£9.95 (ex p+p) for a pack of three, visit or tel 0808 196 7834

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