Lipofilling may improve pain and function in finger arthritis

lipofilling, finger arthritis, arthritis treatment, arthritis hand pain, arthritis digest For people with painful finger osteoarthritis, the advent of a nonsurgical procedure called lipofilling could be welcome news. Lipofilling is when fat from another part of the body is transferred into arthritic joints. Research involving 18 people suggests the procedure produces lasting improvements in hand function and especially pain.

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Dance like nobody’s watching – it could even relieve some fibromyalgia symptoms…

fibromyalgia, exercise, dance therapy, dance like nobody's watching, arthritis digestDancing helps people with fibromyalgia, especially if it’s creative, says a review of the evidence in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. Exercise has been shown to be an effective way of reducing fibromyalgia symptoms. Some work also reports benefits of dance-based interventions. So a team set out to see if creative dance and repetitive dance have similar levels of success.

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Handy items for people with stiff and painful joints – better designs than ever

posturite, back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain, arthritis products, arthritis digestBack pain relief

Relieve back and neck pain and tension with a Posture Key Two Piece Massage Device. One section is for the lower back and the other for behind your neck, allowing the silicone spheres to gently massage these key areas. The spheres vary in height to allow your body to adjust naturally in the areas it needs it most, stimulating, stretching and decompressing tissue.

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