The Scilly Isles are a breath-taking archipelago… a must-visit destination, highlights Samuel Thompsett

scilly isles, accessible UK islands, accessible holidays, arthritis digestCountless golden beaches grace the shores of the Scilly Isles, five inhabited islands along with 150 islands and rocks. Exceptionally mild, St Mary’s, Tresco, St Martin’s, Bryher and St Agnes lie 28 miles off Land’s End, the most south-westerly point of the UK.

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A selection of quirky gifts to give people with arthritis

droyt, arthritis soap, arthritis gift, arthritis digest, arthritis productCleaning up

Here at Arthritis Digest we love Droyt, a Lancashire company that has been making soaps in England for almost 100 years. The master soap makers use only the best quality vegetable or mineral ingredients to make soaps that look gorgeous and feel sensational. The Introductory Soap & Liquid Box (pictured) contains the company’s best sellers and is £15 (ex p+p).

Visit or tel 01257 417251

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New technology enables clinicians to potentially predict flares, explains Dr Alexander Oldroyd

remote patient monitoring, arthritis technology, future arthritis, myopad, Myositis Physical Activity Device study, arthritis digest

Not everyone is familiar with many aspects of new technology. It changes so fast that even the moderately savvy can feel left behind. But its potential is breathtaking… and life changing.

The development of smartphone apps has, for example, opened up opportunities for researchers to collect data from people with healthcare conditions. This enables a greater depth of understanding, and ultimately better ways to tackle healthcare conditions and enhance daily living.

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