Retinoic acid may treat hand osteoarthritis

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Retinoic acid could soon play a key anti-inflammatory role in hand osteoarthritis outlines leading arthritis charity, Versus Arthritis. A nutrient made from vitamin A, retinoic acid is needed by the body in small amounts to function and stay healthy.
New research by Versus Arthritis funded teams confirms that people who have severe hand osteoarthritis are more likely to have genetic changes that affect how the body controls levels of retinoic acid. This genetic change led to low levels of retinoic acid, which was linked to increased inflammation in the cartilage. Inflammation in cartilage leads to the loss of its smooth surface thus removing its ability to protect the joint during activity. Boosting the levels of retinoic acid was found to be anti-inflammatory in the cartilage. In fact, when a drug that keeps levels of retinoic acid higher, was given to experimental models of osteoarthritis, the development of the condition was slowed down. “This research is still in its early stages,” comments Versus Arthritis. “It is promising because it gives us a deeper understanding of the causes of hand osteoarthritis and the drugs tested have been used for other conditions with a good safety record.” Click here to read more. PS Did you know that Arthritis Digest Magazine is labelled the best UK Arthritis blog from thousands of blogs on the web ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness?