Women at highest genetic risk of fracture benefit most from hormone therapy

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fracture, genetics, osteoporosis, arthritis information, arthritis magazineGenetics are key to hormone therapy that lowers the risk of broken bones in older women, says research in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.
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Human-derived cartilage cells are printed, implanted and induced to grow – groundbreaking research

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3D bioprinted cartilage cells, osteoarthritis, knee arthritis, new treatment, arthritis information3D-bioprinted cartilage cells have been successfully implanted in an exciting new study, scientists report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open. The research represents a step towards making it possible to repair damage to cartilage seen in osteoarthritis. Continue reading

People diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis today have much better outlook than their predecessors

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rheumatoid arthritis outlook, prognosis, arthritis information, arthritis digestThe importance of early treatment for those diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis has been underlined in a new study published in Arthritis & Rheumatology.
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Saturated fatty acids weaken cartilage in joints, experts discover

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saturated fat, osteoarthritis, cartilage, arthritis information, arthritis magazineSaturated fatty acids are a prime suspect in the onset of osteoarthritis after scientists found it changed the composition of cartilage, particularly in the hip and knee, they explain in Scientific Reports. Continue reading

Magnesium could prevent fractures – new finding

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magnesium, fracture, osteoporosis, bone health, arthritis news, arthritis magazine, arthritis informationMagnesium could be essential for preventing fractures, says a team from the UK and Finland.

Although we know that magnesium is an essential nutrient and an important component of the bone, no study has shown its effect on bone fractures. Continue reading

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