Salt appears to aggravate arthritis says new research

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salt arthritis, sodium arthritis, salt inflammation, arthritis diet, arthritis foodSodium chloride – salt – is damaging for many aspects of health, and now a new study from Korea concludes that people with arthritis, particularly inflammatory forms, should avoid it where possible. Continue reading

Walk more to reduce fibromyalgia fatigue highlights large new study

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exercise fibromyalgia, walking fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia support, walk fibromyalgiaPeople with fibromyalgia need encouragement to walk more as they will become less tired and have a lower chance of developing additional conditions, highlights a large study in Rehabilitation Nursing. Continue reading

Plant compound quercetin may prevent bone destruction in rheumatoid arthritis

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quercetin, fennel, arthritis diet, arthritis food, arthritis research, arthritis digestQuercetin could be used to counter the bone destructive processes of rheumatoid arthritis (alongside mainstream treatment), scientists highlight in The Journal of Medicinal Food. Continue reading

Weight loss reduces psoriatic arthritis disease activity in people who are obese

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psoriatic arthritis diet, psoriatic arthritis weight, arthritis support, arthritis research, psoriatic arthritis disease activityShort-term weight loss combined with a low energy diet has a positive impact on disease activity in those with psoriatic arthritis and obesity. Published in Arthritis Research and Therapy, the new study supports other findings that obesity actually promotes disease activity. Continue reading

Tart cherry may prevent bone loss but more research is needed

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cherry bone loss, cherry fracture, cherry RA, arthritis diet, arthritis foodTart cherry could be used to protect against future fragility fractures in people who have chronic inflammation, a team reports in Nutrients. Continue reading

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