Gene expression study may lead to new arthritis treatments

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gene treatment, rheumatoid arthritis, genetic treatment, arthritis drugsMechanisms of pain differ in people with different synovial subtypes of rheumatoid arthritis, scientists report in Arthritis & Rheumatology. Continue reading

Acupressure may reduce pain of knee osteoarthritis says new research

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acupressure, acupuncture, knee arthritis, knee pain, arthritis informationSelf-administered acupressure reduces pain and improves physical function for older people with knee osteoarthritis, says a study in Arthritis Care & Research. Continue reading

Link between chronic pain and glutamate consumption

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glutamate, chronic pain, arthritis diet, pain diet, arthritis informationA link between chronic pain and a common flavour enhancer – glutamate – has been revealed in a pilot study published in Nutrition. Continue reading

Meat versus fish: the impact on bone health

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meat, fish, fracture, diet fracture, osteoporosis diet, osteoporosis informationA team investigated the impact that fish and sea fish dietary patterns (FishDiet) and meat or processed meat dietary patterns (MeatDiet) have on bone mineral density and/or risk of fractures. Continue reading

Protein solution kit for treatment of knee osteoarthritis has positive results

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nStride, autologous protein solution, arthritis injection, knee pain injection A new protein solution kit that uses an individual’s own cells helps reduce some symptoms of knee osteoarthritis and is safe, according to a pilot study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. Continue reading

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