Statins do not seem to increase hand osteoarthritis experts reveal

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hand osteoarthritis, statins, side effects, hand arthritis, arthritis digest magazineStarting to take statins does not appear to heighten the incidence of hand osteoarthritis, says a large study in Arthritis Care & Research. Continue reading

Think positive to reduce back pain disability says new evidence

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back pain, think positive, depression, pessimist, arthritis digestPessimistic beliefs about back pain seem to be associated with persistent high levels of low back disability, says a study in Menopause. Continue reading

Early treatment may prevent or delay onset of rheumatoid arthritis

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early treatment rheumatoid arthritis, DMARD, delay onset rheumatoid arthritisEarly intervention could reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis onset in people who are likely to develop the condition, says research in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. Continue reading

Cannabinoids and rheumatic diseases – evidence review

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cannabis, cannabinoid, rheumatic disease, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis digest magazineAs medical use of cannabis becomes more accepted around the world a better understanding of the medical and hazardous effects of this drug is imperative, experts report in Nature Reviews Rheumatology. Continue reading

Sleeplessness linked to less exercise in people with knee osteoarthritis

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insomnia, sleeplessness, exercise, physical activity, arthritis, knee pain, arthritis digest magazinePoor sleep quality is associated with decreased physical activity in people who have knee osteoarthritis, says research in Arthritis Care and Research. Continue reading

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