Hyaluronate injections may be better than corticosteroid injections for jaw osteoarthritis

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Hyaluronate, corticosteroid, jaw osteoarthritis, arthritis informationCorticosteroid and hyaluronate injections both benefit people with temporomandibular (jaw) joint osteoarthritis but a new review suggests that the latter might be the better alternative. Continue reading

Footwear interventions for foot and ankle arthritis do make a difference says review of the evidence

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footwear, foot arthritis, foot pain, gout, arthritis digest magazineFootwear interventions are associated with reductions in symptoms of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, says a review of the evidence published in Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism. Continue reading

Partial versus total knee replacement surgery – latest findings

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partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, knee arthritis, knee pain, arthritis digestPeople under 65 years who have a partial knee replacement could enjoy a larger range of motion and increased return to activity compared to those who have a total knee replacement. But revision rates are higher, says the new research. Continue reading

Hip steroid injections associated with bone changes

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steroid injection, osteonecrosis, hip injection, arthritis digest magaazinePeople with osteoarthritis who had a steroid injection in the hip had a greater incidence of loss of blood supply to the bone (osteonecrosis) and bone collapse compared with control groups, according to new research. Continue reading

Women who discontinue bisphosphonates for two years or more have higher hip fracture risk

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bisphosphonate, hip fracture, osteoporosis, drug holiday, arthritis digestWomen who take a drug holiday from bisphosphonates for more than two years may have a higher risk of hip fracture than those who continue their treatment, according to a large new study. Continue reading

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