Painkiller tramadol fares badly in new evidence review

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tramadol arthritis, painkiller arthritis, tramadol effects, arthritis pain reliefTramadol is an opioid painkiller that can be prescribed to people with osteoarthritis. Due to the way tramadol works it has been believed to have fewer adverse effects (such as gastrointestinal bleeding and kidney problems) than NSAIDS, an alternative form of pain relief. Continue reading

Home exercise programme reduces risk of falling

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exercise fall, balance fall, physiotherapy, fall preventionGentle exercises at home can reduce falls in older people by over one-third, according to results of a trial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. And cognitive function may improve too. Continue reading

Alex Warner from Better Physical Therapy discusses how a better posture can benefit overall back health

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improve posture, back pain, back health, posture tips, arthritis postureMaintaining proper posture is key to health and comfort. We know that if we don’t maintain correct posture, we may develop chronic back pain. Physical discomfort isn’t the only consequence – mental health can be affected too. For example, one 2014 study indicates that about 45% of people with chronic pain struggle with depression. Continue reading

Anxiety and fear impact family size in women with inflammatory arthritis

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arthritis pregnancy, RA fertility, RA pregnancy, arthritis drug pregnant, arthritis drug conceive, anxietyFear and disease-related anxiety may impact family sizes of women with inflammatory arthritis, says a study in ACR Open Rheumatology. Continue reading

Fibromyalgia seems to increase risk of complications after knee surgery

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fibromyalgia surgery, fibromyalgia co-morbidity, fibromyalgia operation, fibromyalgia supportPeople with fibromyalgia may have a greater risk of developing certain surgical complications after total knee replacement operations, researchers report in the Journal of Arthroscopy. Continue reading

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