Depression and rheumatoid arthritis – what does the research say?

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rheumatoid arthritis, depression, mental health, TNF-drugs, arthritis support, arthritis digest magazineDiagnose depression in people with rheumatoid arthritis as early as possible in order to initiate appropriate treatment, says a review in a leading German journal, which highlights the following points: Continue reading

Pulsed radiofrequency may relieve acute back pain and sciatica

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Pulsed radiofrequency, back pain treatment, sciatica treatment, back arthritis  A minimally invasive procedure when pulses of energy from a probe are applied directly to nerve roots near the spine seems to be safe and effective in people with acute lower back pain that has not responded to conservative treatment. Continue reading

Physical exercise reverses functional decline in the over-75s says new study

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exercise frail, exercise elderly, arthritis digestA research project highlights the vital part that a personal exercise plan can play in the quality of life of older people, a team reports in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Continue reading

Melatonin improves mood and decreases stress hormone in fibromyalgia

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melatonin fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia support, fibromyalgia drug, fibromyalgia treatmentMelatonin seems to improve mood, anxiety levels and quality of life while decreasing stress hormone cortisol levels in people with fibromyalgia, according to a small study in Biological Research for Nursing. Continue reading

Strawberries lower levels of TNF and lipid peroxides in adults with knee osteoarthritis

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strawberries arthritis, berries arthritis, arthritis diet, arthritis food, inflammation dietKnee osteoarthritis is increasingly prevalent in obese people and there are only a few non-surgical ways to tackle the problem. A research group recently reported that strawberry supplementation can take on the pain and inflammation experienced by people with knee osteoarthritis, and now the same team has done more work in the area, publishing their work in Food and Function. Continue reading

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