Cheek swab could predict rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility

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arthritis test, arthritis swab, inflammation test. arthritis diagnosis, arthritis digest New biomarkers for rheumatoid arthritis found in a cheek swab could pave the way to diagnose and begin treatment before the inflammatory disease develops, according to a study published in Scientific Reports. Continue reading

High humidity may aggravate rheumatoid arthritis – new research

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arthritis weather, pain humid, arthritis humid, weather research pain, weather pain, arthritis research, arthritis digest Humid weather conditions could make arthritis symptoms worse, experts reveal in a study that deepens the understanding of the relationship between the weather and arthritis symptoms. Continue reading

Exercise changes gut microbes and eases inflammation via endocannabinoids

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exercise, gut microbes, inflammation, endocannabinoids, arthritis digest Exercise appears to alter the gut microbes, which increases endocannabinoids, in turn reducing inflammation and potentially helping treat conditions including arthritis. Continue reading

Arthritis genes identified by experts – discovery could lead to new treatments

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arthritis gene, arthritis dna, arthritis digest, arthritis treatments, arthritis support
Scientists have identified genes that are at play in people with osteoarthritis, offering a beacon of hope for future arthritis treatments. Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of pain and disability worldwide. Now a team has examined samples from more than 800,000 people from Europe and Asia. Just under 200,000 of those surveyed had osteoarthritis. Continue reading

Magnesium may reduce some fibromyalgia symptoms

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magnesium, fibromyalgia, minerals, chronic pain, fibromyalgia diet, arthritis digest
Magnesium supplements are often used by people with fibromyalgia in an attempt to control their symptoms. But do they actually work? A research team recently looked at if the scientific literature supports the use of magnesium in fibromyalgia. They found that “some intervention studies in the literature suggest a benefit from magnesium use in fibromyalgia”. Continue reading