Beta blockers may strengthen bones says evidence review

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Beta blocker use is associated with higher bone mineral density say a recent analysis of studies. The team involved suggests that the medicines – used to manage abnormal heart rhythms – may be helpful for people at risk of bone loss as they age.

The research team looked at data from 1,520 people, of whom 397 people used beta blockers and found that:

  • People on beta blockers had higher bone mineral density;
  • Results were the same for men and women, but the association was stronger in women;
  • The higher the dose of beta blocker, the higher the bone mineral density level;
  • The association was similar for short-term versus long-term use.

“Beta blocker use is associated with higher bone mineral density in a dose-related manner regardless of beta-1 specificity and duration of use,” the team concludes. “This supports the conduct of a randomized clinical trial of beta blockers for achieving improvements in bone mineral density for individuals at risk of bone loss with ageing.”

Click here for the original research.

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