Avoid heavily processed food to maintain healthy heart in rheumatoid arthritis

processed food, heart health, rheumatoid arthritis, RA heart, arthritis diet, arthritis digestEating ultra-processed food is associated with higher risk of heart disease in rheumatoid arthritis researchers report in Clinical Rheumatology.

A total of 56 people aged on average 63 years old had their diets evaluated according to the processing level (unprocessed or minimally processed foods, processed foods, and ultra-processed foods). The researchers found that more consumption of ultra-processed foods was associated with:

  • Higher 10-year cardiovascular risk of a person;
  • Higher blood glucose levels, which indicates the onset of diabetes and subsequent heart disease.

But eating more unprocessed or minimally processed foods was associated with lower 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol levels.

“Patients with rheumatoid arthritis consuming more ultra-processed foods showed worse metabolic profile, whereas those consuming more unprocessed or minimally processed foods had lower cardiovascular risks,” the group explains. “A food pattern characterized by a high ultra-processed food consumption appears to emerge as a novel, modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in rheumatoid arthritis.”

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