Useful products for people with arthritis, hand-picked by social venture Arthr

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Easy weeding

Peta Easy-Grip Weeder (£14.95) allows the hand and wrist to maintain a stress-free angle to help eliminate strains caused by conventional products. Quality stainless steel with an angled handle that helps keep the hand and wrist in a natural position, reducing the risk of strains and blisters.

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A gentle touch

An intelligently designed tablet holder that enables the hand to remain in a relaxed position while holding a tablet. It puts an end to the need to grip the tablet or reader when scrolling through the screen and reduces the strain on fingers and wrists. The G-Hold Tablet Holder (£24.95) is flexible with 360 rotation and clips down flat for easy storage. 

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Pad up

The six-spring suspension system of Recoil Knee Pads (£62.95) is scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the knee by up to 76%. Designed to absorb the impact when the knee touches the ground, the pressure is spread more evenly across the whole joint rather than being focused on one central point, reducing pain.

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Hot stuff

The world’s first long hot water bottle, YuYu’s extendable strap enables you to wear it around your body and enjoy hands-free heat. For hot and cold use, it is reusable and environment friendly and provides instant relief for everything from sports injuries to stiff arthritic joints. YuYu’s soft luxury fleece collection is available in a variety of colours and is £33.

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